To configure a Vulcan app in Azure Active directory using SSO, follow to next steps:

  1. Log in to your Azure Portal 

2. Go to Azure Active directory -> Enterprise applications -> New application

3. Choose Non-gallery application

4. Add a new application by entering a name (we call it “Vulcan Test ”) and click Add button.

5. Choose Single sign-on tab.

6. Choose SAML as the sign-on method.

7. Click the first edit (the pencil icon) button in Basic SAML Configuration, and copy the following URL to both Identifier (Entity ID) and Reply URL fields 


and click save.

8. Edit User Attributes & Claims, click on all rows except the row that contains the name identifier.

9. On each row (name identifier), delete the Namespace field and click save.

The outcome: 

9. From the SAML Signing Certificate, download the Federation Metadata XML.
Keep this page open in a separate tab or browser window. You will return to this page later-on this guide.

10. Now, Go to the Vulcan platform -> choose settings in the top right -> and enter the Authentication tab and upload the metadata you have downloaded in step 9.

11. Choose Users and groups tab, click on Add user button.

12. Choose Users and groups tab, select the administration user. Make sure you assign the users you wish to have access to the platform. Click Select, then Assign and that’s it. You are ready to go!

For your convenience, you can download a browser extension from

Test single sign-on with Vulcan

Go back to the Azure Portal (, and click on the Test this application button -> Sign in as a current user.

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