Deploying a patch
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To deploy a patch on a vulnerability, select the vulnerability and click “Take Action”.

Select your required patching platform. (if you can’t find your platform here, you may need to add a connector for it). Then follow the instructions according to the selected platform:


  1. Choose S3 bucket or add a new one. Ansible scripts are uploaded to S3 buckets. 

  2. Choose your Ansible version.

  3. Choose username.

  4. Choose whether or not to include become_user:root in the script.

  5. Click “Deploy fix”.


  1. Choose course of action if Chef can’t find the correct package version to install.

  2. Click “Deploy fix”.


  1. Choose the relevant Ivanti Machine group.

  2. Click “Initiate scan in Ivanti”.

  3. After the initial scan finishes, fill out all the necessary fields.

  4. Click “Deploy fix”.

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