The Host Details page is where all the information about a host is presented.

Vulnerabilities tab

The Vulnerabilities tab shows a filterable table of all the vulnerabilities affecting the host. If the table is empty, that means that the host is either scanned by a scanner and is simply not affected by any vulnerabilities, or that it is unscanned.

Packages tab

The Packages tab shows a list of all the packages installed on the host and their versions.

Packages information is supported for the following integrations:

  • Qualys (only for Agent scans)

  • PAN PrismaCloud

  • Chef

Open Ports tab

The Open Ports tab displays the network traffic rules affecting the host. If the Packages tab is disabled for your host. For each rule the following information is presented:

  • Whether it's inbound or outbound

  • Port

  • Protocol (TCP/UDP/All)

  • Source IP range

  • Security Group name

The Open Ports tab is only supported for hosts coming from the AWS EC2 connector.

Details tab

The Details tab displays all the technical raw data ingested about the host, for each one of the sources that make up the host.

Right pane

The right pane shows quick basic details about the host. In the right pane you will find:

  • OS and version

  • Sources that make up the host (through correlation)

  • IP

  • Tags, per tag source (automatically ingested from a connector or created via Vulcan)

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