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Audit events

Monitor activity and events in your Vulcan Platform. 

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About Audit Events

Audit events are a list of all major user activities within the Vulcan platform. As part of security and compliance, it is designed to monitor activity and events in your Vulcan Platform. 

Accessing Audit Events

To access Audit Events:

Go to Settings > Audit Events

Note: only users with the appropriate role permissions can access all audit events.

Reading the Audit Events Report

When an event is tracked, it is logged as a row in the Audit Events report. Each row contains the following event information:

  • Time - The Date & Time of the event

  • User - The name of the user who performed the action.

  • Status - The validation state of the action

  • Event Name - the action performed

  • Target - The object affected by the action


Exporting Audit Events

Admin users can export the Audit table to CSV and access all audit event history.

Retention Period for Logs

The logs in our platform are retained for a specific period of time to ensure effective monitoring and analysis of system activities. The retention period for logs is as follows:

We retain logs for a maximum duration of 30 days or up to 20,000 logs, whichever is lower. This means that we store logs for a rolling period of 30 days, allowing you to access and review logs that have occurred within the last month. However, if the total number of logs generated within the 30-day period is less than 20,000, we will retain all logs generated during that time.

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