Audit events are a list of all major user activities within the Vulcan platform. As part of the security and compliance, it is designed to control and monitor the access to information within your organization. 

Audit events fields for each event

When an event is tracked, the event will be shown in the settings screen under the Audit Events tab with the relevant context of who, what, when and the result status of the event.

  • Time (when) - The Date & Time of the event

  • User (who) - The name of the user who took the action.

  • Status - The validation state for each action

  • Event Name (what) - the action that the user took.

  • Target - The object that has being changed due to the action the user took.


  1. The Audit table holds the actions that occurred in the last 30 days.

  2. Admins can export the Audit table (to CSV) and get all the audit events (not just last 30 days).

  3. You can filter/ sort events from the list using the table headers. 

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