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Configure OneLogin as SAML Identity Provider
Configure OneLogin as SAML Identity Provider
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Prerequisites and user permissions

You must have OneLogin developer account or administration role.

Configure OneLogin

  1. Log in to the OneLogin Dashboard

  2. Go to Applications > Add App.

  3. Search for SAML, and select SAML Test Connector.

  4. When prompted, change the Display Name of your app to "Vulcan" and upload the Vulcan icon.

  5. Click SAVE.

  6. Go to the Configuration tab, and fill in the details as described below:

    1. replace the instance ID with the specific instance you're going to provision.
      All URLs are identical, with the format:

    2. Scroll down to change the SAML signature element to 'Assertion':

    3. Click Save.

  7. Go to the Parameters tab > click on the + icon to add a parameter.

  8. Configure the parameters as described below, and include them in the assertion.

    • name - Email

    • givenname - First Name

    • surname - Last Name


  9. Click on More Action > select to download the SAML Metadata XML file and save the file on your local computer.

Setup SSO on the Vulcan Platform

Go to the Vulcan Platform > Settings > Authentication > and follow the instructions on the SSO settings page.

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