1. Log in to your OneLogin organization as a user with administrative privileges. In this tutorial I'm using a developer account which you can sign up for free.

2. Click on the Administration button.

3. Click on Applications

4. Click Add App

5. In the search bar type 'saml test' and select the 'SAML Test Connector' option

6. Name the app 'Vulcan' and give it an icon (pasted at the bottom of this page)

7. Save the App

8. Click 'Configuration'

9. Fill the lines as shown below, replace the instance ID with the specific instance
you're going to provision.
All URLs are identical, with the format:


10. Chance SAML signature element to 'Assertion'

11. Click on 'Parameters'

12. Configure the parameters as listed below, and include them in the assertion

name - Email

givenname - First Name

surname - Last Name

13. Download the metadata XML and save the file to your local computer.

14. Login to Vulcan Cyber, click on 'Settings'

15. Click on 'Authentication' and then upload the XML file from OneLogin

16. From the OneLogin portal you should now be able to login to Vulcan

---- DONE ----

Vulcan logo 512x512

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