In this article you will find:

  1. Pre-requisites for setting the connector
  2. How to define Intune connector in Vulcan


1. Have access to the organization's Azure Application
2. Grant the Azure Application API permissions as follows:

3. Have Owner permission of the Intune app

How to define Intune connector in Vulcan

1. On the Connectors page, click on Add a Connector and choose Intune. There are 4 fields needed to be filed from the Intune app. to fill the fields with the values you will have to enter the Intune app. to do so, please follow the next steps:

2. Enter the Azure app and search for the Azure active directory service:

3. In the Azure active directory service, go to the App registration section, and search for the intune app.

4. On the Intune app we can find two of the connector fields: Client ID (Application ID) and Tenant (Directory).

Insert those 2 fields into the connector configuration fields.

5. URL Feed field - Under the URL field, enter the following:

6. Client Key field - to have the Client Key, enter the Certificates & secrets section:

Under "Client secrets", you can see the Secret key configuration. Create a new client secret, and insert it into the Client Key field in Vulcan:

7. Click "Create" and you are ready to go.

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