Detectify is a SaaS-based website security service that analyzes and monitors the security level of a user's website by applying a broad range of emulated hacker attacks and providing reports that describe the identified vulnerabilities and their potential risk in the hands of malicious hackers. When integrated into the Vulcan Platform, you get to view and remediate vulnerabilities directly through your one-stop-shop vulnerabilities remediation platform, the Vulcan Platform.

Configure the Detectify connector

First, you need to generate an API Key from your Detectify console.
For instructions, click here.

Once you got the API Key, proceed to setup the connector in your Vulcan Platform:

  1. Go to Connectors > Add a connector

  2. Click the Detectify icon

  3. In the connector setup page, setup the following:

    • API Key: as generated in your Detectify console

    • Map Detectify severity to Vulcan numerical score: We recommend you keep the default numerics. If needed, you can change the numerics to match your mapping requirements.

    • Remove assets when they are last seen more than [30] days: By default, the Vulcan Platform ignores assets that aren't identified for more than 30 days. IF needed, you can change the days' number to cover shorter or longer asset-identification periods.

  4. Click "Test connectivity" to make sure your connection is set up properly. If the test passes, click Create (or Save Changes).

From Detectify to the Vulcan Platform - Fields Mapping

Connector Fields Mapping

Detectify field

Vulcan field

Value Example / Notes

Asset name

Asset name



Asset type


Asset pages - name



Asset details

Most asset-specific data is added to the Asset details page in the Vulcan Platform


Vulnerability details

Most vulnerability-specific data is added to the Vulnerability details page in the Vulcan Platform

Vulnerability Status Mapping

Detectify status

Vulcan status





False Positive

Ignored - false positive

Accepted Risk

Ignored - risk acknowledged

Vulnerability Score Mapping

Detectify Score

Vulcan Score









Locating Detectify vulnerabilities in the Vulcan Platform

As Detectify discovers vulnerabilities, the Vulcan Platform connector imports those vulnerabilities for reporting and action. Finding vulnerabilities via source is easy using the search and filters in the Vulcan Platform.

  1. Open the Vulcan Platform and navigate to the Vulnerabilities. Click on the "Search or filter vulnerabilities" search box, scroll to Vulnerability Source / Connector options, and click to filter by the vulnerability source/connector.

  2. Locate Detectify on the vulnerability source list and click to filter results by Detectify.

  3. Click on any vulnerability to view further information.

    See it in action:

Locating Detectify assets in the Vulcan Platform

To quickly locate all synced website application assets from Detectofy, Go to the Assets tab in Vulcan Cyber.

  1. Open the Vulcan Cyber Platform and navigate to Assets > Websites tab.

  2. Click on the Search or filter websites input box and select Connector from the drop-down selection.

  3. Locate the Detectofy option to view all synced assets.

See it in action:

In this example, we show you how to filter by Connector and bu Risk Level (Critical), ass you see, no critical-risks were found.

Automating Detectify vulnerability remediation actions in the Vulcan Platform

Large environments quickly become unmanageable if constant manual attention and action are necessary to remediate vulnerabilities. Take advantage of the automation capabilities of Vulcan Cyber and the Detectify connector to automatically assign remediation actions to your team.

  1. Go to Automations > Create new Playbook

  2. Give the automation in indicative name and description (optional), and select the conditions to run automation.
    See the example below of assigning a remediation action via Email on any High and Critical risk-level coming from Detectify:

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