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Scan Coverage Analytics
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About the Scan Coverage Report

The Scan coverage report is for you to understand aspects of the assets inventory, such as the coverage of certain business groups over the total or partial asset inventory, asset inventory by source, and the percentage of unscanned assets over time.

"Unscanned Assets" vs. "Scanned Assets"

Unscanned Assets are assets that have been ingested from your inventory connector but have not undergone scanning through your scanner connector.

When an asset is brought into the Vulcan Platform via the asset inventory connector and is not subsequently processed by the scanner connector, it falls into the category of "unscanned".

Scanned Assets are assets within your inventory that have undergone the scanning process through the scanner integrated with the Vulcan Platform.

When an asset is both imported into the Vulcan Platform through the asset inventory connector and subsequently subjected to the scanning procedure via the scanner connector, it qualifies as a scanned asset. This implies that the asset has been fully assessed for security vulnerabilities and compliance adherence through the scanning capabilities of the Vulcan Platform.


Unscanned Assets over time

The chart displays the percentage and the total number of assets that were not scanned, over time.

Number of Unscanned Assets over time by Source

The chart displays the total number of unscanned assets over time, by source.

Business Group Assets Coverage over time

This chart requires you to select one or more business groups to display data. The goal is to show the correlation between the number of assets and the total assets in the OVERALL inventory.

It has two different dimensions:

Numerator / Denominator


  • Numerator: the number of assets within a selected business group (and any other filters)

  • Denominator: the total number of assets from all the Business Groups (and any other filters)

Number of Assets over time, by source

This chart displays the total number of assets from a certain source.

Analytics FAQ and Data Validation

Read our Analytics FAQ and Data Validation article here.

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