Suppose you're already familiar with the default Vulcan Analytics reports and have been playing with it for a while. In that case, we assume you must have some favorite widgets you always look at or are most interested in. This is why we created the Self-Service analytics feature. This is where you can create your analytics dashboard by building customized reports based on existing widgets that interest you most and creating as many self-service reports to serve different audiences and purposes.

For example, you can create a dashboard for your organization's executive level that only contains analytics that interests them.

Create customized analytics dashboards

To create self-service analytics:

  1. Open your Vulcan Platform and go to Analytics

  2. Click on New Report

  3. Give the report an indicative name (for example: "Executives")

  4. Select the relevant reports from the existing list of reports, including reports from the Widgets Bank.

  5. Consider using the filters on the right to narrow down your data

  6. Click Save

  7. The dashboard will appear on the Analytic Workspace page

You can always go back and Edit or Delete your self-service analytics dashboards.

Watch it in action:

Widgets Bank

Stand-alone widgets and reports are available in the Widgets Bank. Simply click the drop-down list and scroll through all the available stand-alone widgets you can choose to add to build your customized report.

Vulcan Cyber constantly builds and creates new widgets based on your requests and makes them generally available to the widget bank.

Available widgets in the Widget Bank

  • Percentage and number of assets breaching SLA over time

  • Qualys "Cloud Agent" coverage over time

  • Qualys MTTR over time (days)

  • Qualys MTTR by Risk Level

  • Qualys MTTR by Business Groups

  • Vulnerability instances by risk level over time:

    Line chart showing the count of vulnerability instances over time by risk level.

  • Vulnerability instances by age:

    Pie chart showing the count and percentage of vulnerability instances in each age group.

  • Vulnerability instances by age over time:

    Line chart showing the count of vulnerability instances over time by age group.

  • Average age of vulnerability instances by risk level:
    Bar chart showing the average age of vulnerability instances by risk level.

See it in action:

Submit a widget request

Don't find the widget that serves your needs? you can submit a "request new widget".

Simply fill in the form and send it to us.

The "Request new widget" button becomes available once you click to create a New Report.

Analytics FAQ and Data Validation

Read our Analytics FAQ and Data Validation article here.

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