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Due Date Reminder
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The Due-Date Reminder feature is a capability available as part of the Remediation Due Date feature. The Due-Date reminder is designed to ensure timely attention and action towards vulnerability remediation by sending automated notifications to assignees as their due dates approach.

Support and Limitations

The Due Date Reminder feature for approaching due dates is only operational if due dates have been set through the original email remediation campaigns in the Remediation Due Date block.

How it works

The Due-Date Reminder feature automatically sends email reminders to the assignees responsible for remediating vulnerabilities. These reminders are triggered based on predefined settings, which include the number of days before the due date a reminder should be sent.

For instance, if a vulnerability with a high severity level has a remediation due date in 15 days, and the manager sets the reminder to trigger 5 days before the due date, the assignee will receive an email reminder 10 days after discovery / 5 days before the due date, prompting them to take action.

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