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Using CC and BCC in email action
Using CC and BCC in email action
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Users can include CC and BCC recipients when assigning a ticket via email, providing more flexibility and control over email notifications. This feature aims to enhance your workflow by offering robust email notification capabilities, ensuring that the right people are informed at the right time with minimal manual intervention.

How it works

Dynamic Properties:

  • Leverage dynamic properties for CC and BCC fields. For instance, a dynamic property can automatically include fallback options if certain assets lack an owner.

  • Separate dynamic properties can be used for CC and BCC to address different needs, such as including the direct owner in CC and the owner's Manager in BCC.

Fallback Mechanism:

  • Insert a fallback email/dynamic property mechanism for any missing dynamic property values to ensure the email notification is still sent to the appropriate user.

Aggregated Email Sending:

  • Emails will be aggregated and sent based on the specific recipients. If a Manager needs to be CC'd on emails sent to multiple employees, they will receive separate emails for each employee's asset, ensuring that all necessary details are communicated effectively.

Manual and Playbook Actions:

  • CC and BCC are available in manual take-action and automated playbook campaigns.

Comprehensive Email Management:

  • Users can input regular emails into any of the properties (CC, BCC) as needed, providing a versatile approach to email notifications.


  • If an asset lacks an owner, dynamic properties ensure a fallback for missing information, sending notifications to the chosen user.

  • Different sets of dynamic properties can be specified for CC and BCC fields, enabling detailed customization.

  • Emails will be separated and aggregated per owner ("To").

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