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Using the 'Select All' option
Using the 'Select All' option

Learn how to use the select-all option on Assets and Vulnerabilities pages

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The 'Select All' feature on the Vulcan Platform allows you to efficiently select and manage large data sets, ideally after after applying filters and norrowing down your data.

  • The Select-All checkbox allows you to select up to 1000 rows at a time. Best used after applying filters to narrow down the asset list.

  • When selected, the text will display “X/X Selected” (e.g., 1000/2000 Selected).

  • The checkbox will show a partial selection state if more than 1000 rows are available and a full selection state when 1000 or fewer rows are selected.

General functionality and expected Behaviour

When the view is filtered by specific criteria (e.g., business group, vulnerability management system, or search query), the select-all checkbox will only select the filtered items, up to 1,000 rows. Respectively, the Take Action and Export Data will apply only to the selected items.

Actions cannot be taken on vulnerabilities or assets of different asset types simultaneously (e.g., Hosts, Websites, Images, SAST, SCA, and Cloud Resources). For the Take Action option to become available, assets must belong to the same type.

When 'select all' is applied to filtered vulnerabilities associated with the same asset type, the Take Action button will be enabled, allowing you to proceed with the action.

If more than 1,000 unique vulnerabilities are selected, the Take Action button will be disabled. A note will appear stating, "Note: You can take action on up to 1,000 unique vulnerabilities."

On the Clusters page, a summary of the number of clusters and addressed unique vulnerabilities is displayed by default.

  • The Select-All displays “X/X Selected addressing Y unique vulnerabilities” when selected.

  • The "Take-Action" button will be disabled if more than 1000 unique vulnerabilities are selected across clusters.

On the Vulnerability Instances page, the Take Action is disabled if more than 5000 instances are selected, with a note: “Note: You can take action on up to 5000 vulnerability instances.”

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