In this article you will find:

  1. Required permissions and API calls

  2. How to configure GCP connector in Vulcan

  3. How to view data from GCP in Vulcan

1. Required permissions and API calls

The required permission for a given Member in a given Project is Viewer

For a given project PROJECT and ZONE, we call the following API calls:




2. Defining GCP Connector

On the Connectors page, click on Add a Connector.

Click on a GCP connector.

Fill in the following credentials:

Project ID - Unique ID of the project that stores your hosts in GCP. Each organization. To get your Project ID, follow the next steps:

  1. Access your GCP ACCOUNT

  2. Select the organization your project is part of

   3. Take the ID of the project you want to add

Select JSON Keyfile - JSON file indicates that the service account will be used to authenticate with your project.
You can export this file by getting into your project --> IAM & admin --> Service accounts --> Select the service account you want to use --> Create key --> JSON --> Create.

Zone - Select relevant zones from the list.

Click Create, and that's it! GCP connector is all set up.

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