In this article you will find:

  1. How to configure GCP connector in Vulcan
  2. How to view data from GCP in Vulcan

1. Defining GCP Connector

In the Connectors page, click on Add a Connector.

Click on a GCP connector.

Fill in the following credentials:

Project ID - Unique ID of the project that stores your hosts in GCP. Each organization. To get your Project ID, follow the next steps:

  1. Access your GCP ACCOUNT
  2. Select the organization your project is part of

   3. Take the ID of the project you want to add

Select JSON Keyfile - JSON file indicates that the service account will be used to authenticate with your project.
You can export this file by getting into your project --> IAM & admin --> Service accounts --> Select the service account you want to use --> Create key --> JSON --> Create.

Zone - Select relevant zones from the list.

Click Create, and that's it! GCP connector is all set up.

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