Nessus File Connector
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Nessus report connector is Vulcan’s solution to ingest Nessus data, as Nessus API isn’t supported by Tenable.

The Nessus file connector enables uploading Nessus format files to Vulcan.

.nessus are files format exported from

After uploading, the data from these files is presented in all Vulcan views Each Nessus file connector can be used for 1 file only, so you can create as many Nessus File connectors as the number of the files you need to upload.


  • Supported Format: Nessus

  • Max file size: 200 Mb

  • Encoding: UTF-8

How to generate Nessus files from Tenable

To download Nessus files, please go to your account > Scans > Choose a scan you want to upload into Vulcan > Export > Nessus

File Example:

Please contact our support to get a file example.

Creating Nessus File connector

  1. On the Connectors page, click on Add a Connector

  2. Choose Tenable Nessus File

  3. Browse the file you want to upload

  4. Wait until it is loaded

  5. Click on "Create" and you are ready to go

For additional file upload:

  1. Go back to the "Add a Connector" screen

  2. Choose "Nessus file" connector again

  3. Give the new connector a different name

  4. Upload a new file

  5. Click on "Create" and you are ready to go

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