Nessus File Connector
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The Nessus report connector is Vulcan's innovative solution for integrating Nessus data, given that Tenable's API is not supported by Vulcan. This connector facilitates the uploading of Nessus format files directly into Vulcan.

Key Features

  • File Format: Specifically designed for .nessus files, which are exported from

  • Data Integration: Once uploaded, the data from these files is seamlessly integrated and displayed across all Vulcan views.

  • One-Time Use: Each Nessus file connector is configured for a single file upload. For multiple files, create an equivalent number of Nessus File connectors.


  • Supported Format: Nessus

  • Maximum File Size: 300MB

  • Encoding Requirement: UTF-8

Generating Nessus Files from Tenable

  1. Navigate to your account.

  2. Go to 'Scans', choose the scan you wish to upload into Vulcan.

  3. Select 'Export' and then choose the 'Nessus' format.

File Example:

  • For a sample file or more detailed guidance, please reach out to our support team.

Creating a Nessus File Connector:

  1. On the Connectors page, click 'Add a Connector'.

  2. Choose 'Tenable Nessus File' from the options.

  3. Browse and select the file you wish to upload. Wait for the upload to complete.

  4. Click 'Create' to complete the process.

For Additional File Uploads:

  • Repeat the process, starting from the 'Add a Connector' screen.

  • Ensure to give each new connector a unique name and upload the respective file.

  • Click 'Create' after each new file upload.

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