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Synack is a Bug Bounty and penetration testing connector. When integrated into the Vulcan Platform, you get to review, filter, and manage discovered vulnerabilities and automate remediation easily.

Configure the Synack connector

To integrate the Vulcan Platform with Synack:

  1. Go to your Synack platform and export the vulnerabilities CSV file

  2. Go to your Vulcan Platform > Connectors > click on "Add a Connector"

  3. Select Synack CSV

  4. Drag/Upload the Synack CSV file

  5. Click Create

  6. Allow some time for the system to complete processing the CSV file. To monitor the progress, you can check the Log tab or the sync status on the icon of the connector.

  7. Once processing is complete, you can proceed to locate Synack discovered vulnerabilities in the Vulcan Platform and start remediating.

From Synack to the Vulcan Platform - Fields Mapping

Connector Fields Mapping

Synack field

Vulcan field


Vulnerability details tab

Vulnerability Slug

Vulnerability details tab

Assessment Type

Asset tags


Vulnerability name


Asset tags


Asset details tab


Vulnerability description


Vulnerability details > Impact


Vulnerability details

Sub Category

Vulnerability details

Recommended Fix

Vulnerability details > Fix

CVSS Factor

Vulnerability details


Asset details

Submitted at

Vulnerability discovery time

Updated on

Asset last scan

Vulnerable Locations

Asset name

CVSS Questionnaire

Vulnerability details

Vulnerability Status Mapping

Synack status

Vulcan status

Pending Review


In Review

In Progress

Patch Pending

In Progress



Not Valid

False Positive

Won't Fix

Risk Acknowledgment

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