Playbook Actions

Learn how to monitor Playbook Actions (Automation)

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Manage and track actions performed on automated remediation campaigns (Automation Playbooks).

Access Playbook Actions

  1. Go to Automation > Playbook Actions

  2. Click the Playbook dropdown to select a specific playbook or view All playbooks.

  3. Define the Period in days for which you want to receive playbook actions results (Last 1d, 3d, 7d, 30d, or 180d)

  4. The report displays only actions of Enabled playbooks

  5. On the results page, each row represents an Action (i.e., ticket or email) that was created and provides links to the ticket on the vendor's platform and the campaign details in Vulcan. In addition, you can review the ticket status, Playbook Name, Start date, Assignee, link to the campaign or the exception request, campaign status, and more details on the action.

    Note: If the "Take Action" method is an email and not a ticketing platform (Jira, ServiceNow, Azure Boards), the columns Actions, Assignee, and Details will be empty as Vulcan doesn't retrieve the email's metadata.

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