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Ticket's CSV Attachment Configuration
Ticket's CSV Attachment Configuration
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The Ticket's CSV Attachment Column Selection for Vulnerability Instances allows you to choose which columns to include in your reports based on asset types. This configuration allows you to keep your tickets streamlined and relevant.

Available Columns

The availability of columns varies across different asset types. However, certain columns are common and relevant to all asset types.

Common columns in all asset types

  • Vulnerability Name

  • Asset name

  • Risk

  • Sources

  • First Seen

  • Last Seen

  • Threats

  • CVEs

  • Vulnerability Description

  • Scanner Solution

  • Tags

  • Vulnerability Description

  • Business Groups

  • Owners

  • Vulnerability Instance Details

  • Inclusion date

  • Status

Unique Columns per each asset type



Code Projects


Cloud Resources

  • Asset Name

  • OS

  • OS Version

  • IP

  • Cloud Instance ID

  • Site Name

  • Address

  • Project Name

  • Project name (SAST)

  • Language

  • Image Type

  • Image Repository

  • Source

  • Cloud

  • Resource Type

Customizing Columns

To customize the columns of the Vulnerabilities CSV attachment in tickets:

Access through Take Action

  1. Select the desired vulnerabilities and click Take Action.

  2. Select the desired Take Action method.

  3. Select the columns you want the CSV attachment to include from the available options.

  4. Click Open ticket.

Access through Playbook

  1. Go to Automations and click on the desired playbook

  2. Under Attach CSV files to tickets, select the type of info you wish to include (Vulnerability instances and/or Remedies).

  3. Under Customized, select the columns you want to include from the available options.

  4. Save the playbook.

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