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August 2023 Product Update
August 2023 Product Update
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General Availability

New Remediation Work Form

The new remediation work form allows users from across IT and security teams to easily and quickly view up-to-date vulnerability instances and their details and statuses through the remediation ticket and to submit an exception request for part or all of the instances.

  • Improve collaboration between security, asset owners, and operations teams responsible for executing vulnerability fixes;

  • Minimize friction and enhance and simplify the experience for users who may not be well-versed in Vulcan Cyber;

  • Synced and up-to-date vulnerability status and asset details;

  • A quick and easy way to submit an exception request.

New Report Scheduler

No more manual creation and distribution of Vulcan Analytics reports. Vulcan Analytics now offers a new report scheduler that automates the generation and delivery of reports in a PDF format. The report scheduler lets you define the schedule and recipients per report, allowing the platform to automatically generate and send reports to relevant stakeholders.

  • Set the schedule for automatic report generation (daily, weekly, or monthly);

  • Define the report recipients from existing Vulcan Cyber users;

  • Edit or delete report schedulers;

  • Synced and up-to-date vulnerability status and asset details.

Playbook Search

No more scrolling through dozens of playbooks to find the one you need. Now, you can use the new search box on the Vulcan Playbooks page to search by playbook name or description.

  • Quickly find playbooks;

  • Free text search by name or description.

Customize Exception Request Headers and Footers

You can now change the default header and footer of Exception Request emails. To edit your email defaults, contact your customer success manager or the Vulcan Cyber support team.

Vulcan Connector Updates

The following Vulcan Connector integrations are now available and supported:

Vulcan Connector for Google Cloud Security Command Center
Read more

Vulcan Connector for Checkmarx One

In Other News

Vulcan Cyber Attack Path Graph in limited availability

Vulcan Cyber Attack Path Graph is currently in limited availability while we ingest feedback and improve capabilities in preparation for general availability. Register for the upcoming Vulcan Cyber demo webinar on August 24 to learn more, or schedule a meeting with our product team to discuss the enablement of the feature in your environment.

A new Vulcan Analytics tutorial

Check out the new “How to use Analytics” tutorial available from the top-right of the Vulcan Analytics home page. Simply click “How to” and breeze through the functions available on Vulcan Analytics reports.

  • Learn about report functionality such as filtering, tooltips, cross-filter, visuals, custom widgets, and more;

  • Train stakeholders who are new to Vulcan Analytics with a simple tutorial.

New “status” and “inclusion date” columns in ticket CSV attachment

You can now add two new columns to the CSV attachment of vulnerability instances. The new columns are “Status” and “Inclusion date.”

  • The “Inclusion date” column contains the date on which the vulnerability was added to the ticket;

  • The “Status” column contains the status of the vulnerability instance (“Fixed,” “Ignored,” “Archived,” and “In Progress”).

Big updates to Vulcan Help Center

Introducing a new, value-focused, step-by-step guide that includes all essential settings and configurations required to effectively measure, manage and mitigate vulnerability risk using Vulcan Cyber.

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