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September 2023 Product Update
September 2023 Product Update
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Customize Your Ticket Templates

We've listened and are thrilled to announce a highly requested addition to the Vulcan Cyber Platform - ticket template customization. We know effective communication is key to successful vulnerability management, and now you have the power to tailor ticket content to your organization's needs. Customizing a ticket is made easy by utilizing an array of available parameters and the flexibility of free-text input.

  • Match your organization’s terminology and process, adapt to asset types, or accommodate specific team needs;

  • Ensure every remediation action is crystal clear and actionable.

  • Streamline tasks for your team and encourage swift action.

Bulk User Management

Say goodbye to manual user management tasks and streamline your user management processes with bulk user management now available in Vulcan Cyber. Easily invite, delete, and assign roles to multiple users at once.

Invite users

Delete users

Assign a role to users

"Ignored" is now "Acknowledged" [terminology update]

Please note this change to terminology in the Vulcan platform. We have updated the term "Ignored" to "Acknowledged" in both the Vulnerabilities page and Analytics section of our platform.

Why this change? We want to more closely align Vulcan Cyber terminology with industry standards to be more intuitive for our customers. "Acknowledged" better represents the action you are taking when you choose not to remediate a vulnerability immediately.

What changed?

  • In the Vulnerabilities page, you will now see "Acknowledged" instead of "Ignored" for vulnerabilities that have been acknowledged but not immediately addressed.

  • In the Analytics section, the term "Acknowledged" will be used as appropriate.

This is purely a terminology change and it does not impact the functionality or the way you use Vulcan Cyber. Your existing settings and configurations remain unchanged.

What’s New

CyberRisk Summit registration is now open

The seventh, semi-annual CyberRisk Summit will be held on Tuesday, November 7. The Vulcan Cyber virtual conference will include case studies from leading organizations like Wealthsimple, deep-dive sessions on the latest Vulcan Cyber product innovation, and an in-depth look at soon-to-be-released vulnerability risk management vendor evaluation research from leading industry analyst firms.

Registration is now open and free. Register today and invite your co-workers to join us too.

Understanding the Lifecycle of Data in Vulcan Cyber

Vulcan Connector data ingestion involves integration with various tools through API requests, fetching and mapping data from those tools, and processing it for meaningful insights. The data that flows through the Vulcan platform is managed within a structured lifecycle to ensure data fidelity and standardization.

Read this new Vulcan Help Center article to understand the steps in fetching, mapping, processing and analyzing data in the Vulcan platform.

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