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November 2023 Product Update
November 2023 Product Update
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Unleash the Power of Vulcan Magic Search

We're thrilled to unveil a game-changing addition to the Vulcan Cyber platform that promises to elevate your ability to find and organize your cyber risk data. New Vulcan Magic Search functionality is embedded throughout the platform and puts your data at your fingertips by transforming the way you search and filter Vulnerabilities and Assets.

Magic Search allows you to create simple or complex queries with groups of “AND/OR” combinations. Here's a sneak peek at what you can do:

  • Apply parameters: Create search queries by using an extensive set of available parameters;

  • Create complex queries: Create groups of queries with ease using combinations of AND/OR;

  • Save searches: Retrieve saved queries effortlessly, ensuring quick and easy access to information;

  • Exact and partial match options: Apply "Is," "Is Not," "Contains," and "Does Not Contain" criteria for precise filtering;

  • Search for empty or populated values: Utilize "Is not empty" and "Is empty" parameters to find exactly what you need;

  • Relative comparison: Isolate data points within specific numeric ranges with "Greater Than" and "Less Than" options.

Simple Queries: Your Go-To Tool for Precision

Single queries offer simplicity and precision in refining search results. Choose between "Or" or "And" conditions:

  • Use "Or" to broaden your search scope, retrieving results that meet any specified criteria;

  • Use "And" for quick, precise searches, demanding all criteria to be met.

Grouped Queries (Complex Queries): Search and Filter with Nuance

For intricate searches, grouped queries let you create multiple sets of criteria with "And" and "Or" conditions within the same search scope:

  • Create query groups, each with its own rules and conditions.

  • Perform nuanced searches, combining various factors to uncover specific insights.

Magic Search Availability

Magic Search will be available on the following Vulcan tabs:

  • All Asset Tabs (Hosts, Code Projects, Websites, Images, and Cloud Resources)

  • All Vulnerability Tabs (Unique Vulnerabilities, Software Clusters, and CVE Clusters)

Vulcan Connector Updates

The following Vulcan Connectors are now available and supported:

Vulcan Connector for Mandiant (API v4)

Vulcan Connector for Qualys

Vulcan Cyber best practices

Our new best practice guides are tailored to help you navigate the most prevalent vulnerability risk management use cases. These comprehensive guides are born out of our extensive, exposure to the real-world challenges faced by vulnerability managers and cyber risk management professionals.

Vulnerability Triage Best Practice

Learn how to triage vulnerabilities once a week to assess and prioritize recent vulnerability findings.

Vulnerability Custom Risk Script Best Practice

Learn how to customize risk script parameters and align risk assessment with your organization's cyber risk posture, resources, and appetite.

What’s New

The next CyberRisk Summit is coming soon

Yaniv, Wealthsimple, Paystack, product updates, Detectify, Recorded Future, Wipro. The seventh, semi-annual CyberRisk Summit will be held on Tuesday, December 5th. The virtual conference will include case studies, deep-dive technical sessions, and an deconstruction of the Forrester Wave vulnerability risk management vendor evaluation.

Registration is now open and free. Register today and invite your team to join us too.

The Vulnerability Watch for Q3 2023

These are the top CVEs from the last three months that had us talking, with remediation intelligence to help you fix associated risk.

Vulcan Cyber named a Leader in the Forrester Wave: Vulnerability Risk Management

Vulcan Cyber was named one of two Leaders in the Forrester Wave: Vulnerability Risk Management, Q3 2023 after an extensive evaluation of 28 criteria grouped by “Current Offering,” “Strategy,” and “Market Presence.” Vulcan Cyber received the highest possible scores in nine of the 28 criteria including:

  • Innovation

  • Time-to-value

  • Prioritization insights and customizations

  • Business contextualization

  • Out-of-the-box reporting

  • Vision

  • Community

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