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Learn all about integrating GitHub into the Vulcan Platform

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GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere. When integrated with your Vulcan Platform, you can review code-projects, while leveraging the power of Vulcan Cyber discoverability and automation.

Why integrate Github into the Vulcan platform?

The GitHub Connector by Vulcan integrates with the GitHub platform to pull and ingest assets type Code Project into your Vulcan Platform. Once the integration is complete, the Vulcan Platform scans the report's findings to correlate, consolidate, and contextualize the ingested data to impact risk and remediation priority.

GitHub Connector Details

Supported products




Ingested asset type(s)

Application Security

Integration type

UNI directional (data is transferred from the Connector to the Vulcan Platform in one direction)

Supported version and type

SaaS (latest)

Connector Setup

Prerequisites and user permissions

To configure the Connector, you need to perform the following first:

Generate API Personal Access Token from GitHub with the following configurations and access scopes:

  • Repo: all

  • read:packages

  • read:org

  • read:public_key

  • read:repo_hook

  • read:user

  • user:email

Configuring the GitHub Connector

  1. Log in to your Vulcan Cyber dashboard and go to Connectors.

  2. Click on Add a Connector.

  3. Click on the GitHub icon.

  4. Set up the Connector as follows:
    Enter the API Key as generated from your GitHub

  5. For Organizations, click Load Organization and select the relevant organizations to pull assets from.

  6. Click the Test Connectivity button to verify that Vulcan Cyber can connect to your GitHub instance, then click Create (or Save Changes).

  7. Allow some time for the sync to complete. You can review the sync status under Log.

To confirm the sync is complete, navigate to the Connectors tab to check the sync status. Once the GitHub icon shows Connected, the connection is complete.

GitHub in the Vulcan Platform

Viewing GitHub assets in the Vulcan Platform

To view assets by Connector/Source:

  1. Go to the Assets page.

  2. Click on the relevant asset type tab.

  3. Use the Search or filter input box to select Connector from the drop-down selection.

  4. Select GitHub from the Asset source/Connector list to filter results and view all synced assets.
    See the complete list of available asset filters per asset type

From GitHub to the Vulcan Platform - Data Mapping

The Vulcan Platform integrates with GitHub through API to pull relevant asset data and map it into the Vulcan Platform pages and fields.

Code Project Fields Mapping

GitHub field

Vulcan field

Value Example

Repository Name

Asset Name


Code Project

Asset Type



Asset Library > Name

qs, morgan, debug


Asset codebase > Version



Asset details



Asset Tags


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