Jamf Pro Connector

Configuring the Jamf Pro connector

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Jamf is a mobile device management system focused on Apple devices.
Main capabilities include Apple devices inventory management, Zero-touch deployments, and controls to manage Apple device security, including enforcement of password policies, enabling remote security features, and fully controlling data stored on a device. In the Vulcan Platform, the Jamf connector functions as a host asset inventory source.

Prerequisites and support limitations

  • Due to changes on the Jamf side, the supported Jamf Pro version in Vulcan is v10.35.0 and above.
    If you use a previous version, please contact our customer success.

  • The Jamf Pro connector uses the Computers API endpoint, so a prerequisite to use the connector successfully is a user with READ permission.

Configure the Jamf Pro connector

  1. Log in to your Vulcan Cyber dashboard and go to Connectors

  2. Click on Add a Connector

  3. Click on the Jamf icon

  4. Enter the following information into the connector setup page:

    • Server URL: your Jamf Pro server URL

    • Username and password: A user with READ permissions

  5. Click "Test Connectivity" to verify the connection. If succeeded, click Create.
    In case of an error, double-check the User credentials and permissions.

From Jamf Pro to the Vulcan Platform - Fields Mapping

Hosts fields mapping

Jamf Pro field

Vulcan field

Value example

Computer name

Asset name

Mike’s MacBook Pro

Full Name
Jamf Pro Computer ID
Serial Number

Asset details

Mike Smith
Technical Marketing Engineer
MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)


Asset type


IP address
Reported IP address


Operating system
Operating system version



Jamf Pro Computer ID



Last check-in

Last seen

Today at 8:41 AM

Primary mac address

Mac Addresses [use additional data]



Asset’s details Packages [Tab]


Vulnerability details

Vulnerabilities mapping isn't supported at the moment. Only asset details are mapped into the Vulcan Platform.


Locate Jamf Pro hosts in the Vulcan Platform

To locate all synced assets from Jamf Pro, go to the Assets tab in Vulcan Cyber.

  1. Open the Vulcan Cyber dashboard and navigate to Assets > Hosts tab

  2. Click on the Search or filter websites input box and select Connector/Source from the drop-down selection

  3. Locate the Jamf Pro option to view all synced assets

  4. Enter any asset on the list to view further details

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