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Learn all about integrating Axonius into the Vulcan Platform

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Axonius is the cybersecurity asset management platform that gives organizations a comprehensive asset inventory, uncovers security solution coverage gaps, and automatically validates and enforces security policies.

Prerequisites and User Permissions

In the Axonius platform, make sure the user has the following access role and permissions:

  • API Access checked

  • API access enabled

  • View devices checked

  • API Key and API Secret

    Go to your Axonius platform > My Account > API Key > Generate an API Key and API Secret to use in the Axonius connector configuration on the Vulcan Platform.

Configure the Axonius Connector

  1. Log in to your Vulcan Cyber dashboard and go to Connectors.

  2. Click on Add a Connector.

  3. Click on the Axonius icon.

  4. Enter the following information into the connector setup page.

    • Server URL: Provide default URL, and allow insertion of free text URL for support of all regions:

    • API Access and Secret Key:

      As retrieved above in the Prerequisites and User Permissions section

  5. Click the Test Connectivity button to verify that Vulcan Cyber can connect to your Axonius instance, then click Create (or Save Changes).

  6. Allow some time for the sync to complete. You can review the sync status under Log.

  7. To confirm the sync is complete, navigate to the Connectors tab to check the sync status. Once the Axonius icon shows Connected, the connection is complete.

From Axonius to the Vulcan Platform - Fields Mapping

Connector Fields Mapping

Call Stack:

Axonius field

Vulcan field

Asset Name


Asset Type


Mac Adress


OS Version

Platform family

Cloud ID

attributes.labels / attributes.adapters

Asset Tags

Locate Axonius assets in the Vulcan Platform

To locate all synced hosts assets from Axonius:

  1. Open the Vulcan Cyber dashboard and navigate to Assets > Hosts tab.

  2. Click on the Search or filter websites input box and select Connector from the drop-down selection.

  3. Locate the Axonius option to view all synced assets.

Automate actions in the Vulcan Platform

Take advantage of the automation capabilities of Vulcan Cyber and the Axonius connector.

Click here to learn how to create automation in the Vulcan Cyber Platform.

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