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May 2024 Product Updates
May 2024 Product Updates
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Platform updates

Support for CC and BCC in email take action

We are excited to announce a new feature enhancement in our latest release: CC and BCC support for email tickets. This feature allows users to include CC and BCC recipients when assigning a ticket via email, providing more flexibility and control over email notifications.

  • Dynamic properties support: Leverage Dynamic Properties for CC and BCC fields.

  • Fallback mechanism: The system provides a fallback mechanism for any missing dynamic property values to ensure that the email notification is still sent to the appropriate user.

  • Aggregated email sending: Emails will be aggregated and sent based on the “to” recipients. Suppose a manager needs to be CC'd on emails sent to multiple recipients (team members). In that case, they will receive separate emails for each employee's assets, ensuring that all necessary details are communicated effectively.

  • Playbook and manual support: This feature is available in manual take-action and automated playbook campaigns.

  • Comprehensive email management: Users can input regular emails into any of the properties (CC, BCC) as needed, providing a versatile approach to email notifications

Asset hub - known issues resolution

We are pleased to announce that we have resolved several known issues in the Asset hub, our new unified UI consolidating all asset types in one view. The resolved issues are as follows:

  1. Exporting vulnerabilities permission issue:

    • Users may have previously encountered difficulties exporting vulnerability data if they lacked the requisite permissions for exporting assets. This issue has been resolved, ensuring smooth export functionality for users with appropriate permissions.

  2. Export Failures in specific business groups:

    • There were scenarios where asset exports initiated from specific business group views did not complete successfully. This issue has now been addressed, and exports should work seamlessly across all business groups.

  3. Discrepancies in exported vulnerabilities data:

    • A mismatch was observed between the number of vulnerabilities displayed in the 'Showing' counter on the platform and the actual count in the exported file when all columns were deselected during the export process. This discrepancy has been corrected, ensuring accurate data exports.

  4. Hyperlink functionality issue:

    • Some hyperlinks from Vulcan Reports to the new consolidated Assets screen did not work as expected. This issue has been fixed, and all hyperlinks should now function correctly.

Performance updates

We are pleased to share that major performance and backend enhancements have been implemented in the Vulcan Platform over the past month. These updates aim to optimize the system's efficiency, stability, and user experience.

Data updates

Vulcan Connector and integration updates

We’ve extended our support for application environments with this new Vulcan Connector for Outpost24:

Best practice guides

Managing and remediating base and deployment image assets

In the dynamic landscape of vulnerability remediation, the ingestion of thousands of scanned images into the Vulcan Platform, or any other Vulnerability Orchestration platform, poses a challenge for users. Vulcan has been guiding customers, hand in hand, through effective risk mitigation strategies, particularly when dealing with vulnerabilities found in images. This best practice is born upon our collective experience with Vulcan Cyber customers.

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