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Deploying Vulcan Gateway on Azure
Deploying Vulcan Gateway on Azure

Learn how to deploy Vulcan Gateway on Microsoft Azure

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This document describes how to deploy the Vulcan Gateway Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure. The gateway installation is crucial when accessing internal networks that are not exposed to the public. Our preferred format is the OVA file, which is widely compatible across various services.

1. Contact your CSM in Vulcan to retrieve the download link. Download the gateway-1.0.9.vhd file suitable for Azure deployment.
2. Upload the file using Azure Storage Browser.

Make sure that when uploading - use a Page blob with a block size of 4Mib.

3. After the file has been downloaded, use the following link to create an image:

Make sure to select Linux in the OS type, as well as Gen 1 , and for the Storage blob - select your uploaded file.

4. Once the image was created, create a new Virtual machine from it:

The VM uses a default SSH Password. Please make sure that it is not accessible from internet, and lock it down to only specific IP addresses.
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