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Vulcan Gateway - Technical Deep Dive
Vulcan Gateway - Technical Deep Dive
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Vulcan gateway is an on-prem component that allows the Vulcan platform to connect to connectors which have restrictive access controls without the need to open TCP connections.

Deep Dive:

In order to create a seamless connection between Vulcan SaaS offering, and on prem connectors, Vulcan utilized a small on-prem component called the Vulcan Gateway.
It is a small Ubuntu linux virtual machine in an OVA format - which knows to look for configuration about the connectors it needs to connect to from the Vulcan Platfrom. Once the configuration is loaded, it opens a reverse SSH tunnel to the TCP connector that the connector uses on the one hand, and on the other hand to a dedicated Vulcan server that acts as proxy for the Vulcan platform to use.

  1. Whenever a gateway server is configured in the UI, a random ID will be generated for it.

2. The OVA will use that ID, and try and download a JSON file – constructed from all the connectors configured for that specific ID. That Json can be pulled using any browser in order to inspect its content using:<ID>/

This is an API gateway, that maps the request to an S3 Bucket, which is created / updated anytime someone makes a relevant change from the Vulcan UI.

3. After downloading the file, the OVA, will parse all the relevant IP addresses & ports, and will try to open the relevant tunnel for each.

4. The tunnel is opened using a dedicated random port – which is unique globally to that specific connector – and against the dedicated gateway server (, port 1939)

5. On the Vulcan Platform Side, the platform will know to replace the IP & Port that the user put in the UI, with the correct ones in the generated in the JSON.

Communication Methods






Web Management interface

Client Browser (any)



Gateway config file




Tunnel to Vulcan




Tunnel to connector


Internal Connector IP


Internal Connector Port

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