Installing the gateway OVA
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  • Open Port 1939 to (Connectivity from Vulcan Gateway to Vulcan platform)
    * This port will used to open an SSH tunnel, so it cannot be proxied.

  • Open TCP connection to all needed connectors

  • Working DNS configuration

  • If URL whitelisting isn't allowed in the environment, you can also whitelist the Vulcan IP's below







Vulcan's OVA requirements

  1. 2 vCPU

  2. 2 GB Memory

  3. 50 GB Disk space

Installing Vulcan's OVA

  1. Contact your Vulcan contact to get the link for the OVA

  2. Deploy 'Vulcan Gateway.ova'

  3. Start OVA

  4. Login with the user 'vulcan'

  5. Insert the password provided by your Vulcan contact

  6. When being prompted for the UID, copy the UID generated from the previous step (Vulcan's UI):

Important Note: the installed system should be protected as any other organizational asset. Specifically - make sure to restrict SSH access to this machine to known IP addresses, and to replace the default login password. Keep the system updated and patched, and make sure that it configured to align with your security guidelines.
Stay safe!

**NOTE**- If DHCP is not supported in the OVA environment, please assign the VM a static IP. Further details here-

Installation Troubleshooting:

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