Vulcan Gateway Connector

Setting up Vulcan's Gateway to enable connectivity on your on-premise/VPC environment

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Vulcan gateway enables connectivity from on-premise/VPC systems to the Vulcan platform by creating a secure encrypted tunnel from the enterprise network. It is deployed as a virtual appliance on the organization's virtualization platform. 

  1. Configure the Vulcan Gateway connector, using these instructions:

  2. Install & configure the OVA using the ID generated in step #1:

  3. After configuring both sides, the OVA will try to initiate one connection per connector configured. A success message will indicate that the "Tunnel is stable":

4. At any time you can reinitiate the connection tests by running 'sudo --force'

5. The last step would be to trigger the connnector's sync from Vulcan's UI by disabling and enabling the connector:

In order to initiate the new connectors sync, disable and enable again the connector

That's it! Your connector is now communicating via Vulcan Gateway.


Problem: While running the script you get the following error:

Solution: Make sure that DNS is configured properly under /etc/resolv.conf

Problem: When trying to configure the Vulcan platform URL you receive the following error:

Solution: Make sure that the URL is entered correctly, and that port 443 is accessible to that URL.

Problem: When running the script you encounter these error messages:

Solution: Make sure that the Gateway can reach the internal connector via the port configured in the Vulcan Platform web interface.

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