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June 2024 release highlights
June 2024 release highlights
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‘Select all’ in Assets and Vulnerabilities Pages

We're thrilled to introduce the 'Select all' option on the Vulcan Cyber 'Vulnerabilities' and 'Assets' pages. This option provides the ability to easily manage and act on large data sets.

  • Quickly select subsets of data for action or export immediately after applying filters and narrowing down results.

  • Use the 'Select-all' checkbox to manage filtered data efficiently and select up to 1000 rows simultaneously, simplifying bulk operations.

  • This feature is best utilized after applying filters to the data, ensuring that only relevant, limited results are selected for action.

New Filters in Reports

The following filters have been added to several key Vulcan Analytics reports:

  • EPSS

  • CVSS

  • Vulnerability Publish Date

Reports affected: Security Posture Rating; Remediation Performance; Campaign Tracking; SLA Tracking; Threat Intelligence Report; CISO Management Report; PCI Report; Application Security Report; Risk Exception Report; MITRE ATT&CK; End of Life; Top Operational Report.


Automated Due Date Reminders

A due date reminder is available as part of the remediation due date feature. It is designed to drive timely vulnerability risk mitigation actions by sending automated notifications to assignees as a due date approaches.

  • Automatically send email reminders to responsible remediation and asset owners.

  • Reminders are triggered based on predefined settings, including the number of days before the due date a reminder should be sent.

Due Date by Severity for Tickets

Until now, Vulcan Cyber users have only been able to set due dates based on SLAs. With this release, you can now set due dates by severity for email remediation campaigns. This enhancement allows remediation campaign owners to set and enforce internal remediation timelines more precisely, ensuring vulnerabilities are addressed efficiently and reducing the organization's exposure to potential security breaches. This feature is especially beneficial for managers and users who wish to assign internal deadlines to teams or specific individuals responsible for patching vulnerabilities.

  • Available in manual and automated email remediation campaigns.

Data updates

Vulcan Connector for Wiz project selection

This project selection enhancement to the Vulcan Connector for Wiz provides greater flexibility and control over the data you fetch.

  • Selective project fetching: You can now select a subset of up to five specific projects to fetch, offering a more tailored data integration experience.

  • Default option: If no projects are specified in the field, the Connector will continue to fetch data from all projects, ensuring seamless integration.

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