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Configuring Vulcan Gateway to Use a Proxy Server
Configuring Vulcan Gateway to Use a Proxy Server
Updated over a week ago

In order to configure your local OVA installation to pull the configuration file off a proxy server, use the following steps:

  1. Login to the OVA using the vulcan user

  2. Change to the root context by running sudo -i

  3. Edit the file: /etc/environment by running vi /etc/environment .

  4. click on i to enter into edit mode

  5. insert the config for your proxy using this format:



6. save the file by clicking esc and then typing : :wq and clicking Enter

*make sure to replace the IP ( and port (8080) with the relevant ones.
*make sure to replace username:password with the correct ones, if no authentication is needed you can omit them to fit the format:



*If your username or password include special characters make sure to url encode them before putting in the script. you can use: to preform the encoding. i.e - username:P@ssw0rd will change to: username:P%40ssw0rd

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