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Adjusting SSH Keepalive Time on Vulcan's Gateway
Adjusting SSH Keepalive Time on Vulcan's Gateway
Updated over a week ago

Network equipment may terminate TCP connections after a period of inactivity. Vulcan's gateway uses autossh, which by default sends a keepalive signal every 10 minutes. If the network equipment is configured to timeout before this duration, it can lead to network disconnections.

Steps to Change the Default SSH Keepalive Time:

  1. Log In to the Gateway Machine:

    • Access the gateway machine where you need to change the keepalive settings.

  2. Edit the Configuration File:

    • Open the /etc/rc.local file for editing. This file contains startup commands that are executed when the machine boots.

  3. Modify the Keepalive Setting:

    • Add the following line to the file before any command that starts with autossh:

      export AUTOSSH_POLL=180
    • Replace 180 with the desired number of seconds for the keepalive interval. This value should be less than the timeout period set on your network equipment.

  4. Reboot the Machine:

    • After saving the changes, reboot the machine to apply the new configuration. This ensures that the updated keepalive setting takes effect.

Note: It's important to choose a keepalive interval that is appropriate for your network environment. Setting it too low might result in unnecessary network traffic, while setting it too high might not prevent disconnections effectively.

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